MUMBAI on ALERT for next 48 hours due to Heavy Rains


Local trains on Mumbai’s Central and Harbour lines were running about 15 minutes late for most of Friday morning because of flooding on tracks after heavy rain.

Roads too were flooded in many parts of the city and traffic jams were reported during peak office hours. Domestic and international flights to and from Mumbai were delayed by about 30 minutes because of rain, low visibility and air congestion, officials said.

Rain had reduced in many parts by afternoon. As water levels receded, traffic eased in many areas. Delays were reported mostly from low-lying areas where water takes longer to drain out.

The rain-bearing clouds are in no hurry to let up for an interlude. With the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicting “heavy to very heavy rainfall” across the state’s shoreline areas for the next 48 hours, Mumbai can brace itself for a dank, soggy weekend. Both Colaba and Santa Cruz observatories on Friday recorded rainfall of 37 mm and 24 mm respectively, which amounts to roughly 10 per cent of the total rainfall received till now.

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