NARSINGH YADAV in queue for a medal in RIO Olympics?


Narsingh Yadav tested positive for DRUGS during a test conducted by National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) on June 25. He was provisionally suspended and his Rio chances looked all but over.

Narsingh and Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) are ‘hopeful.’  Since Narsingh was provisionally suspended, India would have lost the spot if they wouldn’t have chosen an alternate as Praveen Rana.

However, WFI president Brijbhushan Sharan Singh said they had informed United World Wrestling (UWW) that if Narsingh is cleared of the charges, he would be the first choice. UWW hadn’t okayed that bit, though. Emails were sent to them on Monday informing them of the latest developments. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) naming replacements is the prerogative of the National Olympic Committee, which in this case is the Indian Olympic Association. India’s chef de mission for the Rio Games said he has already begun the process of Narsingh’s registration for the Games.

Creating mysteries Narsingh clears his huddles for the games in RIO this year. India awaiting to celebrate his entry in the ring as he satisfies all the formal authorities and wins his way back to the ring in Olympics 2016.


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