4 DAYS TO RUSTOM – 3 Shots that shocked the NATION


A mighty welcome at Amity for Team Rustom 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Fans come first then my heroines 😀  – @akshaykumar

Akshay Kumar starrer Rustom is largely inspired from the famous 1959 case of KM Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra that changed the face of the Indian judicial system. The trailer of the movie, produced by Neeraj Pandey, has already created much curiosity among cinema lovers. The movie will hit theatres on August 12.

Nanavati, a Parsi man, married English-born Sylvia in 1931. They had two sons and a daughter and were settled in Mumbai, then Bombay. With Nanavati being away most of the time due to his naval assignments, Sylvia fell in love with his friend Prem Bhagwandas Ahuja. Prem agreed to marry Sylvia, provided she divorced her husband. However, Sylvia came to know that Prem has been involved with many other girls.

Nanavati, however, garnered huge support from public, the Indian Navy and the Parsi community. Rallies were held on Bombay streets demanding pardoning of the convicted officer. Prem’s sister Mamie Ahuja was persuaded to forgive Nanavati. She gave her assent for his pardon in writing and Nanavati was released after spending three years in jail.

After his release, Nanavati with his wife Sylvia and three children shifted to Canada. He died in 2003.

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