In order to make travelling smart and hassle free at the Indira Gandhi International airport, DIAL has come up with new ways to allow one to avoid long queues during the peak hours. ‘Self-check-in kiosks’ and ‘self-bag drop units’ are two additions to the domestic terminal of the airport.

The facility has been under trial for the past four months with IndiGo commuters. “It has received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from commuters with close to 100% success rate. Within the next few months, DIAL would put in place several SBD kiosks to let all other airlines use the facility. This solution is part of a DIAL campaign to reduce passenger congestion and queuing times in front of the check-in counters,” a DIAL official said.

According to DIAL, using these check-in kiosks, passengers can select a seat of their choice and procure their boarding pass along with the luggage tag on their own without waiting for their turn. Once the luggage is tagged, the passenger can further drop it to the ‘self-bag drop unit’ that weighs it on its own and transports it to a carousel, which takes it to the baggage-handling area.

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