KASHMIR CRISIS – an active topic for tomorrows RAJYA SABHA


Under fire from a united opposition, the government has agreed to a discussion on Wednesday in the Rajya Sabha on the crisis in Kashmir. This will be the second discussion on Kashmir in the current Monsoon session of parliament.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh has agreed to the discussion as the first item on the agenda for Wednesday. It is expected to start, in an unusual move, at 11 am when the House convenes, with Zero Hour likely to be suspended.

Almost 60 people have died and about 6000 have been injured in clashes between protesters and security forces and many people, including young children caught in cross fire, have eye injuries from pellet guns used by security forces to curb violent protests.
In all this time, opposition leaders pointed out, schools have been closed and very few people have been attending work. They have also demanded that security forces stop using pellet guns.

The government agreed to the discussion to pre-empt allowing the Congress and other parties from targeting the BJP’s fragile alliance with the People’s Democratic Party in J&K.

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