Blaming Pakistan for instigating trouble in Kashmir, the government on Wednesday agreed to hold an all-party meeting over the unrest in the valley as politicians from across the spectrum sought a political solution to bring peace to the restive state.

Rajya Sabha MPs asked the government to call the meeting over the Kashmir situation and then send a delegation of parliamentarians to the valley for talks with a cross section of the people.

“There will be an all-party meeting on August 12 (Friday). Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be in the meeting,” Home Minister Rajnath Singh said after a day-long bipartisan discussion on Kashmir.

“(The) Prime Minister might say anything but it does not make any difference. The condition in Jammu and Kashmir is very bad. Modi says that we all love Kashmir, but this I would say is one-sided. We have to chalk out such political measures that the people of Jammu and Kashmir also start loving us.”

Nazir Ahmad Laway, a Kashmir lawmaker from the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), questioned why the nation remembered Kashmir only “when it is burning”.

“The longer we take to resolve this issue, the harder it will be. Kashmiri people…don’t trust us. They say delegations come and go, but nothing is ever done for us.”

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