Rs 15 lakh GOLD SMUGGLING CASE against Air India pilot


The airport Customs booked a senior Air India airline pilot in a Rs 15-lakh gold smuggling case on Wednesday. They allowed him to go after detailed interrogation and investigating his other links.

The accused had piloted Jeddah to Mumbai Air India flight and landed at CST international airport on early on Wednesday. He had concealed the gold in his baggage. In his statement to the Customs, he stated that he was working with Air India since the last 20 years and his present monthly salary is Rs 5.5 lakh.

The pilot told the officials that someone in Jeddah had given him a dry fruits packet with request to give it to his relative in Mumbai. Official decided to check his bag and they found seven gold bars concealed inside the dry fruit packet. The pilot told the officials that he was unaware about the gold.

“We didn’t believe in his story. We kept his phone with us, but no one called him to collect the parcel. He tried to mislead us with the help of a fake story. We got some other clues in the case and inquiring about it,” said an officer


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