VIN DIESEL & THE ROCK feuding on the sets of FAST 8

On Monday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson put some of his male Fast 8 costars on blast — calling them unprofessional “candy asses” — in a candid Facebook post from the Atlanta set. While fans initially pointed the finger at Fast & Furious newcomer Scott Eastwood, TMZ has reportedly identified the candy ass in question as none other than franchise star Vin Diesel.

According to TMZ, Johnson and Diesel, who are also both producers on Fast 8, have mostly been at odds throughout production, and Diesel has apparently made some decisions that “didn’t sit well” with the former wrestling champ. While we hate to see our two dads fighting like this, it’s not entirely surprising. After all, a previous report from the set of Furious 7 claimed that Diesel was “extraordinarily difficult” to work with and that he’d often hold up production to go over dialogue and question even the tiniest details in elaborate action sequences.

Given The Rock’s extremely regimented schedule — the man literally has to eat every 90 minutes — he’s probably not down with production delays. E! News also reported that shooting Fast 8 “wasn’t easy for anyone” but was “especially” hard on Johnson. “And while he’s ‘the best guy on the planet to work with,’” an insider told E!, “he’s ‘also a very emotional guy’ and ‘likes things to go as he sees fit [while] also being fair.’”

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