How apple features INDIA in RIO OLYMPICS 2016 ad


Apple recently released its Rio Olympics 2016 ad. The ad titled ‘The Human Family’ is part of the company’s ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign. It has voice of poet Maya Angelou and seeks to show people from different countries who are competing at the Games.

While Apple sees India as a market with huge growth potential and is said to be upping its ante here, the perception among the top echelons of the company about the country still seems to be that of the ‘being a land of snake charmers’. The ad seems to reinforce the popular western view about India. The ‘sadhus’ in the ad wearing long tikas are surely part of our culture. But, they symobolise our country as much as our journey to Mars -— that too on a shoestring budget.

 India also boasts of a diversity far bigger than you can fathom. This ‘unity in diversity’ is quintessentially India, more than anything else. And so, would have been a wonderful representation of the country.

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